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Urgent help needed to ensure Dallas students receive meals this week

Over the weekend, the HVAC system was stolen from the Hunger Busters’ facility on Sylvan Avenue in Dallas. This site is where volunteers make 3,500 meals every day for Dallas ISD students who may not receive a third meal.

To make a terrible situation worse, the compressor for our industrial-size refrigeration systems is inoperable because the copper pipes that fuel the system were also vandalized. Due to health safety concerns, we had to throw out all the food we planned to use for meals this week.

This means 3,500 children who rely on Hunger Busters won’t receive their third meal today … and possibly the rest of this week.

We’re especially concerned about ensuring kids get fed during the summer break, which starts next week. Hunger Busters provides breakfast and lunch to children enrolled in summer programs at the City Recreation Centers, Dallas City of Learning, and other programs.

Without a refrigeration system to keep our perishable food fresh – and without air conditioning and proper ventilation for our volunteers working at our facility – we won’t be able to meet the needs of these kids.

We are urgently asking for help to get us back in operating order as soon as possible.

Please consider a donation to Hunger Busters. Any amount is appreciated. Go to to ensure our kids stay nourished this week and throughout the summer.

Thank you for your support.


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