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Providing Third Meals to Food Insecure Dallas ISD Students

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We Are Not a Food Bank

Hunger Busters is not a food bank, and we do not serve soon-to-be-expired or damaged food.  All of our meals are made daily and served fresh to the children. As the students dismiss for the day – teachers, volunteers and the school staff ensure that the students take home a quality meal that is tasty and healthy.


How We Feed Kids & Fuel Futures

Founded in 2012, Hunger Busters has grown from serving 300 children per week to 3,500 each school day.


Each day our volunteers make and deliver meals to 11 Dallas ISD schools and 6 afterschool programs.

Hunger Busters is a non-profit organization that receives private donations. We operate on private funding along with corporate grants.

Well-Nourished Children Do Well

When children are properly fed, the benefits are felt by them and everyone around them, both inside and outside of the classroom. With the right nutrition, behavioral issues lessen, grades get better, test scores increase, and even a student’s emotional wellbeing improves. It’s difficult for many children to concentrate while in school given the endless distractions available today, but imagine trying to pay attention while you’re starving.


This is a reality faced by thousands of students every single day, and it ripples into our society at large. Countless studies have shown that a chronically-underfed child is much more likely to perform poorly at school, which may lead to fewer opportunities in the future, or they could drop out altogether so they can simply work to get the support they need. But, when a child is given the fuel they need to maximize their scholastic potential, this leads to more success, more confidence, more opportunities, and more prosperity for them and Dallas in general. A healthy, well-fed child makes everyone’s lives better, both now and in the future.

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