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Make a Difference in Your Community

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  • Volunteer shift are available Monday through Friday

  • Shifts are 9am-11am or Noon to 2pm

  • Shorts are allowed

  • If you have been sick in the past 72 hours, please choose another time to serve

  • Mask will be provided but are optional to wear

  • Covid 19 vaccines are not required to volunteer

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

  • Changes in volunteer times can be modified but must first be cleared through the Director

Food Box Distribution Event Job Description:

  • Volunteers will maintain traffic control making sure vehicles enter and exit correctly.

  • Volunteers will register families upon arrival.

  • Volunteers will mark vehicles using a window marker with a number to ensure the family receives the correct number of boxes.

  • Volunteers will load vehicles with Boxes of Fresh Food.

  • Volunteers will assist with breaks ensuring everyone remains hydrated and rested at all times.

  • Volunteers will assist with clean-up ensuring the distribution site remains clean at all times.

Dress Code:

  • All attire must be clean and in good taste. All wording and drawings must not contain anything lewd, obscene, and profane content or that could be construed as offensive.

  • Shirts that do not completely cover the underarms or belly button (muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops, etc.) are not allowed.

  • All personnel shall wear proper footwear at all time. PLEASE WEAR COMFORTABLE TENNIS SHOES. No bare feet, shower shoes, open toes or slippers.

  • You may wear shorts.

Parking Information:

  • Hunger Busters nor Distribution Location is not responsible for any theft or damage done to any volunteer vehicle and/or property.

  • Volunteers will be advised where to park upon arrival.

  • Carpooling is encouraged.


Help us reach our 2024 goal! Become a monthly donor at just $14.50. Each donation will feed a child in Dallas for 10 days.

Become a Meal Prep Volunteer

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Past Volunteer Events

We could not do it without you! Thank you to our volunteers for all of your help and support. 

Hunger Busters helps boost school attendance, test scores and classroom behavior. We solve a problem that when not addressed becomes a larger issue as school-aged children become adults. We function because of loyal volunteers who make the meals daily, as well as through private donations and corporate sponsorships.

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